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Benefits of straight teeth and Invisalign Kansas City

FOUR Long-Term Benefits of Braces and Teeth Straightening

Did you know that between 40 and 50 percent of Americans are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth? Here’s another fact: According to the American Association of Orthodontists, over 4.5 million people in the U.S. wear braces, and 25% of those individuals are adults. This won’t be too surprising to those who know about the long-term benefits of braces and teeth straightening, though. As your Kansas City family dentist, we figured it was high time we highlighted four of the benefits that teeth straightening can have besides the purely cosmetic.

Teeth straightening can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Nobody likes cavities, and gum disease is one of the leading oral health concerns in America, affecting nearly half of all adults. What you may not know is that braces can actually help. The reason is simple enough: Crooked or misaligned teeth are more difficult to brush and floss effectively, and brushing and flossing (as well as regular trips to see your family dentist) are your best defense against tooth decay and gum disease, which are the leading cause of tooth loss. Straightening your teeth can make them look better now and help preserve them for years to come.

Teeth straightening can improve your speech.

Teeth play a crucial and often unsung role in the proper pronunciation of words, meaning that misaligned teeth can negatively affect your speech patterns and lead to lisps or other defects of speech. Many people who have struggled with speaking clearly are surprised to find that their speech patterns improve almost immediately after obtaining braces, which can correct even minor misalignments in teeth that can have a major impact on speech.

Teeth straightening may even reduce your risk of TMJ.

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, is a condition in which sufferers experience pain in their jaw, often accompanied by headaches. This can be brought on by a number of possible causes, among them crooked teeth. It’s true! A misaligned bite can lead to increased stress on your jawbones and your jaw muscles, which in turn can lead to TMJ disorders. Straightening out your bite can relieve the pressure and help you avoid pain down the road.

Teeth straightening can improve your self-esteem.

As we mentioned, roughly half of all Americans are unhappy with their smile, and our smiles are among the first things that people notice about us. When we’re self-conscious, we’re less likely to smile in public, and we experience increased stress due to our awareness of, and concern about, our appearance. Teeth straightening can help those who struggle with uneven or crooked teeth feel more comfortable with their smile and with themselves.

Fortunately, teeth straightening has never been easier or safer than it is today, thanks to a wide variety of orthodontic interventions that are perfect for every need, including people who can’t bear the thought of metal braces on their teeth. That’s where Invisalign braces come in. Custom-made to fit your bite, these clear aligners are virtually invisible when you have them on, and you can pop them off when you eat so that you can still enjoy any food you like.

Whether you think you or a family member might need braces or you would just like to learn more about the many advantages of Invisalign braces and teeth straightening in general, contact Blacker Family Dental at (816) 763-8400 or click here to schedule an appointment today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have or set you up for an Invisalign fitting so that you can start enjoying all the health benefits that come with straighter teeth right away!