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Holiday Teeth Whitening Kansas City

Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening This Holiday Season!

A fresh new year is ahead of us, and we’re hoping 2022 will be filled with gatherings, work functions, and other fun occasions where our smiles will be on full display. Now is a great time to consider asking your Kansas City family dentist about procedures that will help ensure that you have the brightest, whitest smile possible!

Will you be posing for family photos soon? Want to make a good impression at a work party? Smiles are among the first things we notice about people, and a bright, happy smile always leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately, a recent study found that more than half of all Americans are self-conscious about their smiles, while 61% of people said that they wished they could change something about their teeth.

The good news is that you can change the appearance of your teeth. Among those surveyed, whiteness was the number-one concern, and teeth whitening has never been easier, especially if you get a little help from your Kansas City family dentist. In fact, teeth whitening is remarkably simple, and you can see results in as little as a few days!

How does teeth whitening work? The simple answer is that teeth whitening treatments use an active ingredient that is usually a type of peroxide. It breaks down the molecules that are leading to discoloration and returns your teeth to their natural whiteness. At Blacker Family Dental, we offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening procedures so that you can pick the option that’s best for your specific situation and lifestyle.

Whether you’re hoping to look your best for holiday photos, impress your boss at your next work meeting, or even mitigate the damage from some teeth-staining foods you maybe shouldn’t have eaten over the holidays, you can find a treatment that works to return your teeth to their natural brightness and shine.

Of course, other things make people insecure about their smiles. Receding gums, crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth top the list. Luckily, your Kansas City family dentist can help with those, too! Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just whitening teeth. It can help with everything from straightening your smile to preventing future problems including tooth loss and malocclusion—a fancy word for an uneven bite when you close your mouth.

Your smile says a lot about you, but feeling self-conscious about it can impair your ability to enjoy your life and can even impair your success on the job. Fortunately, your dentist can help you get the bright, healthy smile that you want, and the solution might be easier than you think! Whether you’re in need of teeth whitening or some other cosmetic procedure, ask your Kansas City family dentist about how you can get the smile you’ve always wanted sooner rather than later!

At Blacker Family Dental in Kansas City, MO, we offer a wide range of options for teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants. We also treat other oral health concerns including sleep apnea. Just call (816) 763-8400 or click here to schedule an appointment today!